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In addition to providing basic recycling services, Westover Recycling also encompasses a wide area of related services such as the resale of recycled boxes and pallets back to our customers to help them control their shipping and handling expenses.  The use of a recycled (Number 2) pallet rather than a new one can cut the cost almost in half without losing any strength or serviceability in the pallet.  The use of recycled plastic pallets for international shipments, at virtually the same price as a heat treated wood pallet, can eliminate the requirement for pallet certification paperwork that must accompany the shipment; which at times becomes separated stranding the shipment until it’s replaced and incurring significant storage charges in the interim.   The use of recycled boxes rather than new ones is rapidly expanding in popularity and dramatically reduce shipping costs.  This practice has become so popular that warehouses now stock a large inventory of used boxes to meet their customers needs.  Some customers break the box side seam, flip the box inside out and retaping the box back together again providing for an unprinted outer service.  You’ve probably received product in this type of box with the printing on the inside.

Our services include:

   1) Recycling of all types of cardboard and paper.

   2) Purchase and sale of wood and plastic pallets.

   3) Purchase and sale of surplus boxes of all types.

   4) Purchase and sale of consolidation Gaylord type containers.

   5) Individualized recycling assistance for any unique items.

   6) Trash expense reduction, evaluation and solutions.

   7) Referral to other companies to complete your total recycling program.

Additional Services

Operates full line of Moving Supply outlets in several cities. These outlets sell a full line of discounted moving supplies needed to pack things or make a move. This includes both new and used boxes starting at 3 boxes for $1.00 (any size) !!! They also have tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, moving blankets, furniture covers and specialty boxes such as wardrobes, picture/mirror and lamp boxes. They can also assist you in selecting a moving company or rental truck.


We're always looking for new outlet possibilities. If you have a little extra space and would like to talk to us about adding moving supplies into your inventory, give us a call.

Westover Recycling

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