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Westover Recycling is a veteran owned (U.S Air Force) company that was established in 1997 in response to customers demands for a more complete, personalized, and reasonably priced recycling program.  Based in beautiful Vacaville, California, between Sacramento and San Francisco, we provide services to Solano, Yolo and Contra Costa Counties as well as Northwestern Nevada.  We also network with several other recycling companies, each with their own specialty services.  Together we can offer individually tailored services that fit our customers needs.  Our goal is to provide our customers with only the services they actually need and on their schedule at highly competitive rates.  In the majority of companies, the service actually becomes an income producing element instead of an expense.

Boy Scouts Christmas Tree Pickup

Westover Recycling owner, Harold Westover once again steps up to help the Vacaville Boy Scouts with their Christmas tree pickup as he has done in the past. Providing a truck and driver with an 18’ open topped trailer makes it easy to load, transport, and offload the trees. Normally two scouts make up the pickup team, which starts out at the assembly point where hot drinks and donuts are available. The teams are matched up and given maps of their assigned pickup areas with the addresses of people who have called in requesting the pickup for a nominal donation. Then it’s off to work.

Mr. Westover says he enjoys getting to know the scouts he works with each year. True to the scout code, they are strong willed young men who know what they want out of life. Their participation in the Christmas tree pickup program is just one of many ways these scouts give back to the organization and community and they support each other as a committed team. After several hours of picking up trees and offloading them at the recycling yard, the whole group is treated to a great lunch of hotdogs with all the trimmings. A great way to spend a day getting to know some of the very best of our young people says Mr. Westover who intends to continue his support of this great program in the future.

Veterans Operation Stand Down

Harold Westover, a veteran himself, feels so blessed to be able to give back to his fellow veterans and their families in a time of need. Every year, Operation Stand Down, operating from the Dixon Fair Grounds, provides a wide range of services to our fellow homeless or stressed veterans and their families in the area. Providing everything from transportation to get there and back to a place to stay for the three day event, to great meals, clothing, showers and haircuts, medical and legal assistance, counseling on available benefits. The event even provides help with their animals from local vets that includes checkups, baths, clipping, shots and some good meals and clean bed. There is, of course, all the “war stories” of their experiences in the service, the places they’ve been, the jobs they performed, the hardships they endured, and the people they met along the way, both military and local civilians all over the world.

Providing transportation in the form of a truck and trailer, Mr. Westover assists in getting the tons of stuff that's needed to support the operation to the Dixon Fair Grounds and back again after the event is over. He also volunteers at one of the stations during the event doing everything from handing out shower supplies to assisting with the care of their animals so their owners can relax and enjoy this special time.

Once the event is over, everything has to be taken down, cleaned up and the remaining supplies donated to other agencies or other Stand Downs. Mr. Westover says everyone, veteran or not should come out and volunteer at one of the Stand Downs. The experience, stories and friends will never be forgotten.

PACE Bike-A-Thon

After Harold taught his son to ride a bike while home on 30 day leave from his tour of duty (U.S. Air Force) in Korea, they enjoyed many a evening ride around town. As their outings steadily grew in distance, they started making weekend trips to Lake Solano, Winters and bike trails all over the area, some outings reaching 20 miles round trip. Being a member of PACE), Harold offered to set up a Bike-A-Thon for the organization. With the help of a few other members, they acquired all the permits, insurance, fliers, advertising, patches and food and drink for the 20 rest stops along the way. The route began in Fairfield and went along I-680 frontage roads to Benicia, over to Vallejo and back again to Fairfield - a 30-mile loop. What made this first Bike-A-Thon special was that Harold and his son rode it together; only a few months after his son had learned to ride a bike. He and his dad still enjoy their rides together. Mom would join them at times but quickly indicated “we rode too far for her".

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