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Westover Recycling offers several opportunities for individuals to make some extra money working with us. Here's just a few:


Boxes was started in 1994 as a spin-off of Harold Westover’s recycling business, Westover Recycling, to fight the high prices charged at other box outlets by providing clean, recycled boxes at a fraction of the price of new boxes. After all, their only going to be used for a few days in most cases so why pay $3.00, $4.00 or even $5.00 a box? Starting out from his garage, he charged $10.00 for a 30 box assortment The demand was “As Expected" he says!! Then, to give customers more freedom, Boxes switched to 3 boxes for $1.00 - “Any Size" so customers could pick whatever sizes they wanted. Still operating his recycling company, Boxes quickly became a strong spin off with the addition of other items such as tape, packing paper and bubble wrap to the inventory; all at significant savings over “the other places". Eventually the inventory grew to include just about everything you’d need to make a move. Buying back the boxes after the move and offering a 10% discount to all veterans, fire, police and teachers resulted in Boxes rapid growth. In 2002, Boxes expanded by opening full service outlets in Dixon, Vallejo, Fairfield and Benicia. If you’d like to open on in your area, we’re always looking to expand our services even further. All you need is a little space (about the size of a one car garage) and for less than $250.00 you can have your own home-based business. We help you with the licenses, permits (mostly free), advertising, fliers, signs and business cards. We also do mail outs to newly listed homes that are for sale in your area and have real estate agents, major moving companies, storage facilities and former customers send us customers. If you're interested, contact Harold and talk it over with him.

SELL US BOXES:  We're always looking for good reusable boxes and will pay up to $.10 each for them. Must be flattened and sorted by approximately the same size. Bring to one of our outlets or we'll pick up larger quantities.

SELL US PALLETS:  Find us serviceable 48" x 40" 4 way wood warehouse pallets. We currently pay 1.75 each for them ($1.00 for "repairables")*. Bring (by appointment) to Vacaville or Benicia, or we'll pick up 50+ quantities. *We pay up to $5.00 for 48" x 40" plastic pallets (no US Postal).

FIND US NEW PALLET CUSTOMERS:  You can make from $.50 to $2.00 for each pallet that a new customer of yours orders; not just on their first order, but on each and every order they place with us from there on out. Your customer calls the order into you. You order the pallets from us and we deliver them directly to your customer. You never touch or even see a pallet. Find us several customers and you could end up with a nice side line income for only making a couple of calls.

WE BUY BALED CARDBOARD, PAPER, & PLASTIC: Find us bales and we'll pay you %15 of the going rate on every bale without you ever having to even touch them.

SELL WAREHOUSE SUPPLIES: Find us customers for stretch wrap, packing paper, tape, bubble wrap, etc. Call us for details.

SELL GAYLORD CONTAINERS: Make up to $1.00 on every box you sell for us. Call for details.

RESELL RECYCLED PRINTER CARTRIDGES: Double your money! Buy used ink cartridges from us for $1.00 and get $2.00 each when you turn them in. Call for details.

Got other ideas? Just interested in one of these ideas? Call Westover Recycling at 707 326-8873.

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