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Westover Recycling operates several moving supply outlets within Solano County. Currently, we have outlets in Vacaville, Fairfield, and a mobile unit in Benicia. We're always looking for individuals who would like to earn some extra money by opening an outlet in other cities. See our "Opportunities" page for details.

Our signature product is our "3 boxes for $1.00 - Any Size" promotion. These are perfectly clean, recycled boxes that warehouses use to receive products. They remove the product, flatten the box, and sell them to us. To make the deal even better, when you're done with your move, we buy the boxes back for $.10 each. That means their actual cost is about a quarter each. NOBODY BEATS US!!

In addition to all the supplies you need to make a move, we can advise you on some "less than ethical" practices some movers are using to charge you a lot more than what they put on their "estimate". They can even hold all your stuff "hostage" until you pay the higher rate - AND, if you don't pay it, they can even sell every bit of it to pay their revised price. We can tell you how to avoid this scam!!

Using a rental truck? We can help you there too. There are teams of thieves that specialize in ripping off rental trucks. You could lose everything you own in a matter of minutes if you don't take some basic precautions. We can tell you how to prevent it.

Here's a short list of our other products:

Box Tape, 2” x 55”:


Lamp Boxes:


Bubble Wrap, 12” x 50’:


Wardrobe Boxes:

$7.50 to $11.50

Sofa Covers:


Packing Paper:

$10.00 & $23.00

Chair Covers:

2 for $3.00

Moving blankets:


Mattress Covers:

$3.00 & $4.75

Tape Guns:

$3.50 & $12.50

Picture/Mirror Boxes:

$3.50 to $5.50

Dish Pack Boxes:


Call for further information, Westover Recycling at 707 326-8873

Westover Recycling

(707) 326-8873

P.O. Box 844

Vacaville, CA 95696


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