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Westover Recycling carries a wide assortment of cardboard Gaylord type boxes in thickness ranging from a double wall to our premium HD 5 ply (1” thick) line.  Following are some examples but if you don’t see what you need, call us.  Our inventory is constantly changing. Call us with your requirements or for an up to date inventory. Email: westover.recycling@earthlink.net  or  call us at 707 326-8873.

Price Range: $18.00 to $20.00

Premium Line: 42” x 51” x 38” high, 5 ply (1” thick) rated at 1125 pounds. This Gaylord has been used once to ship polymer plastic beads in.  They have some residue in them that’s easily removed.  Not recommended for food products.  This Gaylord has 10” bottom flaps and a cardboard drop in plug that covers the bottom entirely.  They weigh 42 pounds.  Tops are available as are matching hardwood pallets with slip strips that prevent the Gaylord from slipping off the pallet.  This Gaylord is recommended for heavy shipments/storage where the ultimate protection is desired or where used repeatedly as in a recycling center, etc.

Regular Line:  These Gaylords come in several sizes and shapes.  They are normally 3 ply thick and have full bottom flaps although some also have full top flaps as well.  We carry both new and used Gaylords in this category.  This Gaylord is recommended for normal shipments/storage where excessive weight or abuse is not a factor.  Call us with your requirements or for a current inventory of what we have on hand.

Price Range: $18.00 to $20.00

Light Weight Line:  These Gaylords come in several sizes and shapes.  They are normally 2 ply sidewalls with full bottom flaps.  Some also have full top flaps.  These Gaylords are recommended for lighter shipments or for use as a consolidation container.  Most are new although at times we have used ones.  Call us with your requirements and for our current inventory.

Price Range: $14.00 to $16.00

Melon Boxes:  These Gaylords are octagon in shape and are commonly used to ship melons in from the field to the store.  You’ve probably seen them in stores filled with watermelons or such.  Their octagon shape gives them more sidewall strength but makes it more difficult to use for shipping square boxes, etc.

Price Range: $16.00 to $18.00

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