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Westover Recycling is a veteran owned (U.S. Air Force) company that was established in 1997 to support customer demands for a more personal recycling program. Westover Recycling is focused on customer service and unique recycling needs such as oversized and specialty items. We provide services to Solano, Yolo, and Contra Costa counties, as well as northwestern Nevada. We specialize in green trash reduction through channeling recyclables out of the land fill. We proudly support our local community non-profits by donating 2% of our profits annually to their programs.

We are fully insured and licensed, and provide exceptional customer service.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Recycling of all types of cardboard, paper, and plastics.
  2. Recycling, purchase and sale of wood and plastic pallets.
  3. Purchase and sale of surplus boxes of all types.
  4. Purchase and sale of consolidation Gaylord type containers.
  5. Individualized recycling assistance for any unique items.
  6. Trash expense reduction, evaluation and solutions.
  7. Referral to other companies to complete your total recycling program.
  8. Operation of several moving and warehouse supply outlets.

** Before purchasing any item on this site, please call me for a personal quote **

Westover Recycling

(707) 326-8873

P.O. Box 844

Vacaville, CA 95696


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